Remember your why

Starting a business requires a fair amount of personal motivation of some sort and this can even change over time but the thing that got you going, that spark, that middle of the night idea, can you remember what it is? Losing focus is easily done so take some time to sit down and remember your business goals. My 3 motivators were 1) flexible working 2) freedom of creativity and 3) the ability to learn, achieve and serve in my own way and a cheeky 4) the freedom to change if I need to! Remembering your why can help you… Read More »Remember your why

Email Time Saving Tips

Email Time Savers Do you have a system for dealing with email? Are you just bobbing along on a sea of thousands? Here are a few ways to keep on top of the email Tsunami! Take one day at a time and work backwards. Set a timer and just deal with what you can in that time If you delete it without reading it you need to UNSUBSCRIBE! For easier processing, change the sort order to FROM. Then all the unimportant ones can be deleted together. Deletion Questions to ask – can I find this online somewhere another time? Is… Read More »Email Time Saving Tips

Maximise your online presence with Google My Business

Google My Business Is your Google website up to date? Do you have your best reviews on there? Does it have the same attention as your own website and Social Media pages? Make the most of this FREE space on Google ( not explaining anything about Google- duh) Buyers use Google at the research stage of a purchasing decision and haven’t yet made up their minds about which company they are going to use. Here are a few reasons why you should keep it all brushed up. Increase your SEO Keeping your Google My Business site up to date ensures… Read More »Maximise your online presence with Google My Business

8 Time Saving Tips for your Social Media Business Posts

8 Timesaving tips for your Business Social Media Posts When you save an hour of work you not only save time for your business, but you also save time for things you want to do. What are your biggest time robbers in your day? I can bet one of them if we are really honest is scrolling our Social Media feeds! One way we can get ahead of the game is to schedule and plan ahead our Soical Media for Business posts to keep consistency of theme and thought, save time in our day to day and avoid us ‘having’… Read More »8 Time Saving Tips for your Social Media Business Posts

5 ideas to post on Social Media even if your business isn’t open for business

OK so it might not be business as usual but keeping your presence online is important probably more than ever as your usual clients aren’t able to ‘see’ you. But what do we say, I hear you cry? Here are 5 ideas to keep you going….. Share a success from the last 3 weeks! However small, show your human side with a story about how you have achieved a success since lockdown, can be business or personal.Mine is restarting my Miracle Morning Routine (by Hal Elrod) and sticking to it. It means getting up a bit earlier but I find… Read More »5 ideas to post on Social Media even if your business isn’t open for business

Taking your business to the internet during Covid 19

You know you need to be there for your customers more than ever even if you are not open for business in your bricks and mortar location! One day these birds of the sky will fly again and this big old world will creak and groan back into motion, probably unchanged ( yep my faith in the human race is at a low) but it will and you will need to have kept up the momentum and even diversified to digital. BUT HOW? Take what you know and translate it into digital. Share your expert knowledge but cut down into… Read More »Taking your business to the internet during Covid 19

My Number 1 ambition right now

Ambition is a very personal thing and mine is tied into job satisfaction! My ambition is to take the part of my job I love the most (writing) and maximise it so it becomes ALL I DO! Can you turn your favorite part of your job into all you do? My goal or ambition is to provide a service to businesses to write their blogs and newsletters. It’s the part of my job I can sit for hours and hours doing because I love it! Blogs and newsletters are a really important part of a business marketing strategy but the… Read More »My Number 1 ambition right now

Building Customer Relationships Using Social Media

Using your Social Media platforms as a Customer Service tool and forum is highly recommended. It provides a quick and transparent way to address any problems but most of all encourages feedback, all important, whether good or bad! If it’s bad, you need to know! Building your customer relationships is a happy by product of your eye-catching engaging posts; if people are interacting, happy days! Let them know you appreciate them. Spending time reaching out to new faces in groups or on other Pages is part of the service I offer and it’s the secret sauce to building a strong… Read More »Building Customer Relationships Using Social Media

Why I love creating Social Media content

  The thing I LOVE about creating Social Media posts for business is spotting a great communication opportunity that tells the human stories behind the corporate, the selling, the professional stuff and shows the real life face and spirit of the staff and the business. I recently requested Christmas photos from the staff of a local organisation I manage the Facebook and Instagram pages for and amongst all the great and no less important, photos of grandchildren as angels and Christmas trees was this, this simple picture stood out just that little bit more…👼🌲 🌹This bauble is a very special… Read More »Why I love creating Social Media content

Friday Feels or Fails? Why Your Facebook Business Posts Aren’t Performing and What You Can Do About It!

  As a Facebook Business Page owner you will know the frustration of how little exposure your beautifully crafted and humourous posts are getting no matter how much you post! There is a simple reason for this, Facebook has MANY reasons why it’s algorithm prevents your posts being seen! Here’s why from the horses mouth “In January 2018, according to Facebook’s Head of News Feed Adam Mosseri, Facebook began to “shift ranking to make News Feed more about connecting with people and less about consuming media in isolation.” Simply, Facebook is managing more and more ad content therefore space in… Read More »Friday Feels or Fails? Why Your Facebook Business Posts Aren’t Performing and What You Can Do About It!