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My Number 1 ambition right now

Ambition is a very personal thing and mine is tied into job satisfaction!

My ambition is to take the part of my job I love the most (writing) and maximise it so it becomes ALL I DO!

Can you turn your favorite part of your job into all you do? My goal or ambition is to provide a service to businesses to write their blogs and newsletters.

It’s the part of my job I can sit for hours and hours doing because I love it! Blogs and newsletters are a really important part of a business marketing strategy but the MOST TIME CONSUMING aspect too!

Sharing your expertise, case studies, industry knowledge, current events, promotions should form the basis of all your marketing back on your blog or website and then your social media posts can be the signposts back to there as the start of your marketing funnel.

But the graft is in the content! Don’t let it be a ‘some day’ event, its crucial to the marketing of your business. Call me to discuss!

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