Social Media Tips

Social media tips anyone? 🤓 Saw this on Linked In and it got me thinking…… How often do you update your website with a new blog relevant to your marketing pillars? Just a two minute read blog post can be repurposed into social media content, newsletter content, subject for a live video, questions for a poll in Stories, video content for Youtube, the list goes on! Not to mention keeping Google informed that you are very much still out there! ☔️ Top Tip for Content Creation Brainstorm your content ideas to create a master list that you can pluck from… Read More »Social Media Tips

Help the High Street more than ever

I’m so worried about the future of all our local businesses, small high street shops being forced to close in what should be their busiest time of year! Nightmare doesn’t come close to describing what these business owners are experiencing right now!  But is there something we can do to help?Have you noticed Google’s recent push on TV to help small businesses now more than ever before? As a consumer, there’s one thing you can do to help our high streets, you can go to the Google business page of your favourite local business and give them a review, 5… Read More »Help the High Street more than ever

Showcase your business with Facebook

Is your Facebook Business Page working for you? New to social media for Business? Facebook is a place to show off your business to your current followers but also potential new customers will check you out on there before making a decision to buy, so having up to date interesting activity is crucial to develop that know, like, trust relationship to really convince people you give quality, are transparent and above all you are the place for them!   Here is a step by step plan to maximise how you present your business on Facebook. Pictures, pictures everywhere and still… Read More »Showcase your business with Facebook

How to write an engaging Social Media post for any platform.

Follow this formula to get your message across for any kind of business.  On Instagram and Facebook, your caption is the only thing your audience will see first so you will want to compel them to read more. Solve your clients problems and you are half way there. Keep this type of sales post to once per week though. No one likes being flooded with sales pitches! For a free audit of your social media with a report of action, please email me at jules@your 🏆The Winning Formula.🏆 ⛔️Caption or Title- Attention grabbing headline.⛔️ Connect – Describe the problem you are… Read More »How to write an engaging Social Media post for any platform.

3 things you can do today to improve your reach on Instagram

3 THINGS YOU CAN DO TODAY to increase your Instagram following, raise Brand awareness and generally give your Insta a kick up the Insights! Do this ideally after posting new content, infact, DEFINITELY after posting new content! 1) Search for your town or region and follow 10 local (if you are bricks and mortar) businesses or people you like in your area that are related or loosely related to your sector – engage with their content but be genuine! 2) Share a post from a business you like, have a connection with or want to champion in your Stories. To… Read More »3 things you can do today to improve your reach on Instagram

Content Creation Tips

DIYing your own Social media isn’t easy! Business owners struggle to create consistent quality content for their audience. How to know you are doing a good job? Here are some good tips to keep an eye on!  1) Find your voice – recognise that you are your business expert! No one can tell it quite like you. Communicate well with YOUR personality within your marketing strategy.   2) Give examples – people can relate more to stories so include real life examples (with permission). For example, I had a client who discovered their marketing strategy just by going through the… Read More »Content Creation Tips

Keep your Social Media plates spinning

✅TOP TIPS for keeping your Social Media plates spinning.  Yes, social media is a DAILY to do, even if you don’t post new content every day, checking in and engaging with comments is key to enriching relationships online. It also gives you a great opportunity to take advantage of momentum and ask for feedback in a timely manner. This can help you analyse your customers sentiments about what you do. It’s a bit like spinning plates, dip in and tweak on a regular basis in addition to your posts. So with a rundown of the platforms here is how you… Read More »Keep your Social Media plates spinning

How can I help you in your business?

I am a big believer that by being transparent in your business and providing quality in your work or service is your best marketing tool. Quality will shine through and tell people all they need to know! An online representation of your business should entirely reflect what you do and the standards you maintain and provide. I can help you best represent yourself online with a nicely presented website, well branded and engaging social media and regular targeted email newsletters, all your digital shopfronts. Do what you are best at, working in your business and delegate this all important marketing… Read More »How can I help you in your business?

How to Focus ( when you need to get a job done)

Distractions when you are working are a part of life but if you can grab a solid thirty minutes of focussed uninterrupted time, you might be surprised at how much you can get done. Try the following tips (in no particular order) to stop the scattered brain feeling and get that important task done. Minimise physical disturbances -turn off your phone (unless you are working on it) – silence email notifications, close all other browsers. Close your door etc Setting a timer is very motivating especially if you are competitive, see if you can beat the clock. 5 minutes can… Read More »How to Focus ( when you need to get a job done)

Simple is best

Keeping a clear brand message in your social media posts is hard with the variety of options you have to post about your business but if you follow the simple Rule of Thirds, it’s easier to rotate between these categories to keep on track. Personal – Be social and Meaningful! These are social media platforms with humans on the other side, offer some personal insight into your business or you as a person but keep VALUE and MEANING in mind. Point-  offer useful information links, websites etc what do your audience want to know that will help them? Promote –… Read More »Simple is best