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Keep your Social Media plates spinning

✅TOP TIPS for keeping your Social Media plates spinning.

 Yes, social media is a DAILY to do, even if you don’t post new content every day, checking in and engaging with comments is key to enriching relationships online. It also gives you a great opportunity to take advantage of momentum and ask for feedback in a timely manner. This can help you analyse your customers sentiments about what you do.

It’s a bit like spinning plates, dip in and tweak on a regular basis in addition to your posts.

So with a rundown of the platforms here is how you might want to go about a daily Social Media Routine to keep all your plates in the air!


Firstly, have all the apps prominent on your phone or even in a folder for easy access and add the task of ‘Jiggle Social Media’ to your morning and evening routine!


👑The Queen of Social Media for engagement is INSTAGRAM and this plate ideally should be jiggled several times a day!

Instagram ‘ranks’ engagement between accounts but more than that it’s only polite to respond to comments and messages. Instagram is a platform for ENTERTAINMENT so keep your subjects relevant and your comments light hearted! Take the time to view your feed and comment and like where appropriate especially if the account could be a potential client.

⭐️Facebook is a platform where people KNOW YOU, they know who you are as they have liked your Business Page for a reason and they will want to see content of value or something that reinforces their decision to follow you so again, any comments respond to and also any reviews, good or bad! Groups on Facebook can be great sources of customer info so don’t neglect those too.

🐦Twitter is great for small business! From the obvious promoting of products and services it can be used as a quick responder to customer feedback, industry news and B2B relationships, depends on your business and your chosen strategy so again worth checking regularly.

💙Linked In – if it’s appropriate for your business to be prominent on Linked In then the recommended postings is one or two a week minimum but like Instagram, keeping up to date and engaging with your connections is important if you are a B2B business. Longer contributions like articles are recommended quarterly.


For any help on choosing the right platform for your business and creating the right kind of content, message me for a chat.

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