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How to write an engaging Social Media post for any platform.

Follow this formula to get your message across for any kind of business. 

On Instagram and Facebook, your caption is the only thing your audience will see first so you will want to compel them to read more. Solve your clients problems and you are half way there. Keep this type of sales post to once per week though. No one likes being flooded with sales pitches! For a free audit of your social media with a report of action, please email me at jules@your socialpa.co.uk

🏆The Winning Formula.🏆
⛔️Caption or Title- Attention grabbing headline.⛔️
Connect – Describe the problem you are trying to solve for your customer.💡
Reassure – Why should your Audience listen to you? Authority.👩‍🎓
Give Value -Describe 3 ways that you can help solve the problem for them with your service/product.
Engage – Ask an open question that encourages your audience to engage with you.✏️✏️✏️
CTA – What do you want them to do?☎️
Hashtags – Add relevant hashtags.#️#️#️

Example post for a nail salon.

Your nails say so much about you!

You know the feeling when you catch a snaggy nail on your jumper or blouse! It is not only a ‘scratching a blackboard’ feeling and an unsightly snag in your fave woolly but having broken and scruffy nails just ruins your nice outfit and makes you feel like sitting on your hands! 

Here at My Favorite Nail Salon, we have been tending to nails for 12 years with 3 nail artists on site.

We specialize in luxury manicures, mini mani’s with gel polish lasting up to 3 weeks and a natural buff and shine manicure for healthy manicured nails.

What motivates you to get your nails done?

Call Emily now to book in your talons for a full makeover, no matter what the occasion. 

#nailsalontorbay #manicuretorbay #nailarttorbay.

Of course this is too long for Twitters 140 characters in which case keep it short  ” Your nails say so much about you- trust our nail experts to bring yours back to full health, website link in bio” with suitable image.

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