DIYing your own Social media isn’t easy! Business owners struggle to create consistent quality content for their audience. How to know you are doing a good job?
Here are some good tips to keep an eye on!
1) Find your voice – recognise that you are your business expert! No one can tell it quite like you. Communicate well with YOUR personality within your marketing strategy.
2) Give examples – people can relate more to stories so include real life examples (with permission). For example, I had a client who discovered their marketing strategy just by going through the process of building their website with me. Discovery stories are inspiring!
3) Don’t talk about yourself too much- give value with a capital V.
4) Show up consistently to create a reliable reputation online. You will not saturate your audience unless they want to be, that’s how the algorithm works, they only see what they want to!
5) Improve your writing skills -if you need help- invest some time in brushing up on how to write great captions, doesn’t have to be long, just well written.
6) Understand your clients motivation – address their needs with what you are saying. For example, my ideal client is a start up business who needs a website fast.
So, simply, my post could centre on what a good website will include.
Having a system for CONTENT CREATION is really the key to being consistent, my next post will be all about how I do it!
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