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3 things you can do today to improve your reach on Instagram

3 THINGS YOU CAN DO TODAY to increase your Instagram following, raise Brand awareness and generally give your Insta a kick up the Insights!

Do this ideally after posting new content, infact, DEFINITELY after posting new content!

1) Search for your town or region and follow 10 local (if you are bricks and mortar) businesses or people you like in your area that are related or loosely related to your sector – engage with their content but be genuine!

2) Share a post from a business you like, have a connection with or want to champion in your Stories. To do this click the aeroplane symbol at the bottom of the post photo. It will suggest to add to your story or send to friends. Add to your story but remember to add relevant hashtags and geotags and say why you shared!

3) Have your hashtag list ready in your notes on your phone but don’t always post the same list, make sure you adapt each time dependent on your content!


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