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Help the High Street more than ever

I’m so worried about the future of all our local businesses, small high street shops being forced to close in what should be their busiest time of year! Nightmare doesn’t come close to describing what these business owners are experiencing right now!
But is there something we can do to help?

Have you noticed Google’s recent push on TV to help small businesses now more than ever before?

As a consumer, there’s one thing you can do to help our high streets, you can go to the Google business page of your favourite local business and give them a review, 5 stars of course! Google reviews really make a difference to a business. It’s a huge element of Googles SEO rankings therefore getting that business listing optimised when people search on Google. It also gives that all important social proof and thirdly helps businesses know what they are doing right and even maybe where they can improve! You don’t even need a gmail or Google account to leave a review either! It takes seconds!!
And for business owners…..

Is your Google website up to date? Do you have your best reviews on there? Does it have the same attention as your own website and Social Media pages?
Make the most of this FREE space on Google.
Buyers use Google at the research stage and haven’t yet made a decision about which supplier they might use. It’s a first impression you don’t want to get wrong.
Here are the ways it is a no brainer for your business to keep it all sparkly and tickety boo.

  • Increase your SEO
  • Keeping your Google My Business up to date ensures consistency online
  • Great first impression off the bat for potential new clients
  • Social proof at prospects fingertips with Google reviews
  • Gain more customer behaviour insight with Googles tools and gadgets
  • Free official website ~ why wouldn’t you?
  • A place to step up your online branding vis a vis above reasons

If you need help creating this important online space I can get your page up and running in no time.
Or for a FREE 15 minute Social Media for Business chat about your current social media presence, send me a message.

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