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Building Customer Relationships Using Social Media

Using your Social Media platforms as a Customer Service tool and forum is highly recommended.

It provides a quick and transparent way to address any problems but most of all encourages feedback, all important, whether good or bad! If it’s bad, you need to know!

Building your customer relationships is a happy by product of your eye-catching engaging posts; if people are interacting, happy days!

Let them know you appreciate them.

Spending time reaching out to new faces in groups or on other Pages is part of the service I offer and it’s the secret sauce to building a strong brand.

In short, you get back what you put in! Making the effort with social media pays off but it can be time consuming. Here are the ways you can raise your game to create your superfans of the future!

🌟 Respond quickly to messages and comments- goes without saying and you know Facebook actually scores you on your response time so keep an eye out for that little red notification!

🌟 Share your expertise for free – establish yourself as the expert in your field but don’t keep it to yourself. People will be reassured you know what you are talking about by being open and giving your expert opinion where appropriate.

🌟 Run platform exclusive Promotions, Sales, Or Events. Great for building up a particular platform and rewards loyalty.

🌟 Hold contests or competitions- reward followers with exclusive coupons they can use with you or as a reward for sharing a post.

🌟 Show Your Human Side. Show behind the scenes, use your personal experience in your business or product. Introduce staff members and show your appreciation of their work.

🌟 Champion 3rd party suppliers by showcasing how you use them and how they help you.

🌟 Make an effort to engage – although time consuming, it is well worth remembering that one happy customer, will tell many!

🌟 Use a personal tone when you comment or reply to people. Keep your language relaxed, there is a live person at the other end of the screen.

🌟 Ultimate engagement- the follower mention or post! Use this to your best advantage! Real life recommendations are worth their weight in gold.#socialmediahelp #socialmediatraining

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