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5 ideas to post on Social Media even if your business isn’t open for business

OK so it might not be business as usual but keeping your presence online is important probably more than ever as your usual clients aren’t able to ‘see’ you.

But what do we say, I hear you cry? Here are 5 ideas to keep you going…..

  1. Share a success from the last 3 weeks!

    However small, show your human side with a story about how you have achieved a success since lockdown, can be business or personal.
    Mine is restarting my Miracle Morning Routine (by Hal Elrod) and sticking to it. It means getting up a bit earlier but I find my days go so much better once I have my routine done especially as I am getting some yoga in there too. Check it out, now is the time to create good personal habits.

2. What has inspired you?

There are already so many inspirational stories of truly amazing deeds of kindness since COVID and for me it has been seeing so many businesses doing 360 degree turns and literally shifting their businesses online when it would not appear feasible/possible.

One example is my horse riding coach, A to C Dressage training. Now how do you train a horse from home? Well Andree found a way! She created lesson plans, voice recordings and has done virtual lessons using Zoom, all completely compliant with lockdown, which shows how important mindset is to get up and find a way.

And people seem more friendly! I find that so inspiring! We have started doing more walking as I am sure so many of us have, to get out of the house and I have noticed how polite people are being that we encounter, moving out of the way and nodding and smiling. Also our neighbours are more chatty which is lovely!

3. What can we be grateful for?

This can make inspirational reading as it will be slightly different for everyone. What top 3 things will you appreciate more after lockdown?

Mine are

  • getting in my car and going where I want! Had no idea I would be saying this, this year!
  • family dinners – funny how when you can’t do something together you see the true value!
  • Going shopping! I have always said I hate shopping but I am kind of missing it!

4. Post a picture of you!

You are the face behind your brand and the old marketing adage goes, people buy people, if they cant see you, how can they know like and trust?

Get your best pics out and maybe share a holiday memory.

5. Help someone out.

Give your best hints, tips and advice to help someone. They will be more likely to remember you in future.

Share some advice for free that you would normally charge for.

Mine is of course is this article with my top 5 best tips! I hope you found it useful. For advice on Social Media Management please contact me on 01803 500001.

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