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8 Time Saving Tips for your Social Media Business Posts

8 Timesaving tips for your Business Social Media Posts

When you save an hour of work you not only save time for your business, but you also save time for things you want to do.

What are your biggest time robbers in your day? I can bet one of them if we are really honest is scrolling our Social Media feeds!

One way we can get ahead of the game is to schedule and plan ahead our Soical Media for Business posts to keep consistency of theme and thought, save time in our day to day and avoid us ‘having’ to open our accounts when we really should be working on our business.

So without further ado, see if the following resonate with you.

Number 1

Brainstorm marketing ideas based around your business and get 50 ideas on paper.

Ask yourself, what are my customers pain points? Yes it is the same old message but it is key and if you can be clever and base your posts around what troubles your clients the most, it will get their attention.

So for mine, TIME is my customers biggest pain point so I brainstormed ideas around that word. If you use a Mind Map too with your word in the centre, your ‘branches’ could be post ideas all by themselves but it will certainlyget the creative juices flowing.

My spin off words were ACTION CLOCK MOTION and RELAXATION.

Again create four more spin off words from these words. Take the word RELAXATION.

Spin off thought was Work/Life Balance. Now a post based around this theme is addressing a common customer pain point.

Of course not all your posts will be centred around this one pain point but you will start to build a library for the future.

Number 2

Batch your tasks.

Like the brainstorm, once you are ‘in the mode’, it will get quicker to get together not just one photo but ten of them for the week ahead.

  • Create a folder for your inspired photos for your Stories or from your Royalty free pages like Unsplash or Pixabay.
  • Batch scheduling on a free program like Creator Studio makes posting a breeze. I can include a mini tutorial for you on Creator Studio in a coaching session to get you up to speed quickly.
  • Batch hashtags together in a list on your phone or on a Word doc on your desktop. This is a huge timesaver but remember to throw relevant ones in and change it up. Instagram will identify and ignore repeat blocks of hashtags.


Number 3

Map out Social Media in advance (as best you can).

I know I don’t get a whole bunch of time to map everything out beforehand and I suspect its the same for most of us.

Map out monthly themes which should include seasonal activity, industry events, holidays, etc.

Different methods work for different people.

Try making a skeleton week of posts on a calendar and fill in the body each day. Or, if yuo have been super organised, each morning, you can simply grab a pre-written post from your calendar and plug it into a scheduling tool and you’re good to go.

Number 4

Write shorter posts.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. How often do you read long posts on Social Media? Save yoursefl time by keeping the key message in the first couple of sentences.

Number 5

Create quick graphics.

Using quick and easy tools like Canva, Adobe Spark or Pablo helps you make great looking professional graphics that can spice up even the simplest of photos.

To save more time, create pre-made branded templates in advance and then just drag and drop your images into these templates. Voila!

Number 6

Do less.

Concentrate on one platform at a time and do that well. Make sure you choose the best platform where your customers will see you. Not sure where that is? I am happy to help. I offer free Social media audit of your accounts!

Number 7

Repurpose old content.

Save yourself heaps of time by going back to posts from last year or even last month. Can you squeeze more mileage, same message, different picture?

Number 8

Don’t rely solely on Social Media for your marketing.

Building a following on Social Media without spending actual cash or investing a lot of time is hard enough but make it work for you by directing interested potential customers to your website and collect their email address so they can receive the benefits of news, information and discount codes. Social media is great when used in conjunction with the solid real estate of an email marketing list and website.

Emails have been in place for around four decades now. It is a remarkably cost-effective way to build long-lasting relationships with customers and drive business growth

Marketing directly into consumers inboxes is still the No.1 method with the highest proven success rate over any other digital marketing strategy and is defintiely the most cost effective.

For help with creating marketing funnels for your business including building an email list and landing page website, please book in  session with me in your workplace to get your system off the ground and making all those social media posts work as hard as possible for you.

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