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Taking your business to the internet during Covid 19

You know you need to be there for your customers more than ever even if you are not open for business in your bricks and mortar location! One day these birds of the sky will fly again and this big old world will creak and groan back into motion, probably unchanged ( yep my faith in the human race is at a low) but it will and you will need to have kept up the momentum and even diversified to digital.

BUT HOW? Take what you know and translate it into digital. Share your expert knowledge but cut down into bitesize chunks. Keep in contact.

You are a wedding organiser, share your best tips on organising a wedding, tell funny stories from your career so far. Post old pictures.

Beauticians, bring value to others, share your best skin care tips, let your clients know what you are up to while you are isolation.

But most of all we need to help each other in this time when we are all in the same crazy boat. How can you help your clients and your fellow businesses?

Keep up morale, share each other’s posts, make your pages places of engagement rather than sales pitches. As the days tick by, its one day closer to the day we will all be up and running again.

Keep calm and go digital!

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