• Simple is best
    Keeping a clear brand message in your social media posts is hard with the variety of options you have to post about your business but if you follow the simple Rule of Thirds, it’s easier to rotate between these categories to keep on track. Personal – Be social and Meaningful! These are social media platforms… Read More »Blog
  • Benefits of Social Media For Business
    Starting a business requires a personal motivation of some sort and this can even change over time but the thing that got you going, that spark, that middle of the night idea, can you remember what it is? Losing focus is easily done so take some time to sit down and remember your business goals.… Read More »Blog
  • Email Time Saving Tips
    Email Time Savers Do you have a system for dealing with email? Are you just bobbing along on a sea of thousands? Here are a few ways to keep on top of the email Tsunami! Take one day at a time and work backwards. Set a timer and just deal with what you can in… Read More »Blog
  • Maximise your online presence with Google My Business
    Google My Business Is your Google website up to date? Do you have your best reviews on there? Does it have the same attention as your own website and Social Media pages? Make the most of this FREE space on Google ( not explaining anything about Google- duh) Buyers use Google at the research stage… Read More »Blog
  • 8 Time Saving Tips for your Social Media Business Posts
    8 Timesaving tips for your Business Social Media Posts When you save an hour of work you not only save time for your business, but you also save time for things you want to do. What are your biggest time robbers in your day? I can bet one of them if we are really honest… Read More »Blog